Air/Ground Radio Operator

The term ‘Radio Operator’s Certificate’ is used to describe the CAA Air Ground Communication Service (AGCS) and Offshore Communication Service (OCS) Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence (ROCC). The AGCS Radio Operator’s Certificate is required to be held by anyone who operates VHF aeronautical radio equipment in Aeronautical Radio Stations providing an AGCS at an aerodrome, or other location, in the UK.

Horizon Aviation can provide training toward the CAA AGCS written and practical examinations, as well as providing the examinations themselves though our “in-house” approved examiner.

The basics…

On completion of the training and successfully passing both the theory and practical examinations, you will be issued with a Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence by the UK CAA.

You will need to complete training “as required”, in order to reach the appropriate standard.

Before you start…


The minimum age for issue of a ROCC is 18.

Previous experience

While there are no experience requirements for this training, any background in either ATC or flying will be of benefit.

What does the course involve?…

You will receive training in all the topics required for successful completion of the exams. Guidance on the required syllabus can be found in CAP 452.

More information about the qualification itself can be found on the UK CAA Website


Complete training course

Complete one-day ROCC courses are available, at our London Oxford base, for just £260.00. This includes one day of training and one attempt at both the written and practical tests with our in-house examiner.

Whilst the majority of people will successfully complete the course within this time, some individuals may require additional training in order to reach test standard. Any additional training will be charged at our standard rate of £30.00 per hour and further attempts at the written and practical tests will be charged separately, in accordance with our standard training rates.

Discounts are available for courses of more than one individual – please contact us for an individual quotation.

Experienced individuals

If you do not require a complete course of training, we can offer both refresher courses and stand-alone testing at our standard training rates. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


If you’d like to know more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.