Learn with the Experts

Here at Horizon Aviation, we provide a range of training courses in several different areas including pilot licences, additional ratings for existing pilots, radio operator qualifications, and aviation safety. Explore the sections below to find out more about what we can offer.

Flying Training

Introductory Lessons

Your first taste of flight. Standard or aerobatic lessons of 30 minute/1 hour duration

Private Pilot Licence

Your passport to flight. PPL and LAPL flight and theoretical knowledge courses offered

Revalidation & Renewals

We can complete the whole process with you, from start to finish. SEP, SSEA, IMC/IR(R)

Single Engine Piston

Training and testing for the initial issue and renewal of the SEP(Land) rating

Night Rating

Enjoy the smooth, quiet flying and the added flexibility this rating will give you

Aerobatic Rating

Enhance your handling skills by learning basic aerobatics and have fun whilst doing it!

UK IMC Rating / IR(R)

A great safety benefit when flying in the UK weather. Train for it while you still can!

Differences Training

Expand your licence privileges to include more complex types and systems

Pilot Mentoring

Stretch your wings, under the expert guidance of our flying instructors

Advanced Handling

Learn new skills with our Formation Flying and Upset Recovery courses

Radio Training

Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence

All training and testing. Required by all pilots wishing to operate aircraft radios

Air/Ground Communication Service

All training and testing for the Certificate. Required by anyone operating an A/G Radio Station

Safety Training