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Safety Digest November 2014

In this latest issue of the regular Horizon Aviation Safety Digest the majority of the incidents are, yet again, infringements of Controlled Airspace. A small number of these incidents involve “Level Busts” by aircraft drifting above or below their cleared height or... read more

Safety Digest October 2014

This is the second of our series of short pieces, which will look at recent incidents from the most recent GA Incident Reports. Airspace Infringements Again, the most prevalent incidents were airspace infringements. These consisted not only of lateral entries into... read more

Safety Digest September 2014

As the old saying goes: “Learn from your mistakes, but better still, learn from someone else’s”. This forms the basis of one of the main pillars of aviation safety and one way to achieve it is through the reporting and investigation of aircraft... read more

First Solo – Joe Cooke

Congratulations to student Joe Cooke on successfully completing his first solo today in the Bulldog. Joe has been flying with us throughout the summer on an intensive PPL course. If you’d like to learn at a great flying school, with top quality training, contact... read more